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Written translation (of general and specialized texts)

- of technical documentation, manuals and of the maintenance of any degree of difficulty

- of business and private correspondence (confidence is guaranteed)

- of economic, law and financial literature

- of business-plans, contracts, promotion production

- of covering documentation for imported goods for giving them to certificate and custom organizations

- of documents for going abroad

Simultaneous translation

- accompaniment of delegations and private persons

- business-talks and negotiation services

- the aid In performing the production of your firms at exhibitions

- telephone talks

Translation of WEB-pages, sites, localization

- Full and part translation of your WEB-site into a foreign language

- Creation of multi-lingual sites

- Elaboration of original design in the context of your corporate politics and style

Audio-video translation

Translation of computer games

N.B. We guarantee You an accurate translation with the observance of all the niceties of lexical locutions and terminology. In case of written translation - the observance of the formation of the original document with the text according to the classical system of translation.

Classical system of translation:

- Translation

- Specialist's consultation on given theme

- Corrector

- Native speaker's checking