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Our Clients

"EVRAZHOLDING" performs the maintenance of the metallurgical groups of enterprises and a number of mining and coal enterprises in Nizhnetagilsk, West-Siberia and Kuznetsk.
The center of endosurgery and lithotripsy (CELT) - a multiprofile private clinic that answers to all international standards.
Address: 111123, Russia, Moscow, Shosse Entusiastov, 62
JSC cl. "SIBKAR" (tel. 130-74 - 66)
(official dealer of the firm "MITSUBITSY")

KAMEO BIS Company - is a huge wholesale supplier for elite jewellery for Russian shops
125167, Moscow, Russia
Address; the Leningradsky prospect, 36



"Mobile Ocean" - the selling of accessories for mobile phones  
Charity organization of support and development of fire security of emergency situation /COSDFSES/
121552, Moscow, the Krylatskaya street, 10/1, tel. 415 - 32 - 35, 415 - 28 - 24


LLC "KRASNODARMRAMORTORG" - the firm is specialized in stone - processing
350000, Krasnodar, the Gimnazicheskaya street, 14, office 6, tel/fax: 622 - 794